Innokin Z-BiiP


Buy Quality Innokin Z-BiiP Vape Online

Buy Quality Innokin Z-BiiP Vape Online

Innokin’s stunning Z-Biip (pronounced ZEE BEEP) Vape Pod System is an awesome all-in-one pod system that resulted from a successful collaboration between The Vaping Greek, Phil “PBusardo” Busardo, and Innokin! What places the Z-Biip above the other excellent AIOs out on the market? Great question! The Z-Biip has a game changing audible notification feature (which can be turned off via a switch) that communicates info about your vape in a revolutionary way — with beeps! A great option for folks with less than 20/20 vision or people who simply aren’t interested in having to look at yet another screen! That’s not all, the Z-Biip features an easy-to-use full-length fire button, a 1500 m Ah rechargeable battery, and the ability to leverage Innokin’s performance-driven Zenith coil series! Add Innokin’s gorgeous Z-Biip Vape Pod System to your Vapor Fi shopping basket today!

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With a multitude of established product lines today, Innokin started with just a couple of powerful devices – the iTaste, iClear, and Cool fire – that are still going strong, and expanded with one exciting advancement after the next. One of the things that set them apart from the rest is their attention to community feedback and ability to craft vaporizers


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